The Hot 9x9

by Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel
Last updated August 31, 2017

A nice easy way to browse the site for you: a graphical 9x9 of what other people have been reading on the site over the last 24 hrs, sorted by eyeballs then within that, time (most recent highest). Yes, all a bit pointless but what the heck, I just did it to see if I could actually manage it. Order is left to right, row by row. If the look of a page icon grabs your attention, just click on it to visit it. Alternatively, for a complete sitemap of this site, visit here. MonitorTube LensesMacro UV LightingAboutMacro Photography WorkshopSubstack SlabbingFocus StackingPentax AF540FGZ FlashWeMacro RailNikon 10xMacro CalculatorsReversed Enlarger LensesFinding BugsRaynox TechniquesObjectivesAnybrand MP-E 65Macro BellowsLensesCoupled Reverse LensesEmpty LensEquipmentMoth TrapSweep NetMacro DiffusersComponon 28Macro CalendarInsectsManual FlashComponon 80LightingTwo FliesPentax-M 200mmCloseup LensesComponon 35Exif PilotTTLVelbon StagePitfall TrapNight MacroFlash BracketsTopaz DetailBeauty DishFlash ReflectorsJML 21mmPC SyncMacro HDRSide LightingFirefly SlaveNoise NinjaM42 IrisPTTL CordsLab LifterDownloadsMacro simplicityMacro Software TipsFlash ClampsThree Quarter ViewFlash FlagsSide MacroExtreme Macro BackgroundsMacro TipsMacro MonopodTamron 70-200HDMI Matrix SplitterHeadon MacroBarn DoorsInsect BaitLinksMacro DetailFlash GelsAnglesLearning To LookPentax-M 100mm f/2.8Macro LensesRim LightingSnootFlash GridsReverse LensStacking Workflow