The Hot 9x9

by Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel
Last updated August 31, 2017

A nice easy way to browse the site for you: a graphical 9x9 of what other people have been reading on the site over the last 24 hrs, sorted by eyeballs then within that, time (most recent highest). Yes, all a bit pointless but what the heck, I just did it to see if I could actually manage it. Order is left to right, row by row. If the look of a page icon grabs your attention, just click on it to visit it. Alternatively, for a complete sitemap of this site, visit here. StackingStackshotField MonitorTube LensesAboutMacro Photography WorkshopMacro UV LightingPentax AF540FGZ FlashSubstack SlabbingRaynox TechniquesNikon 10xMacro CalculatorsWeMacro RailMoth TrapReversed Enlarger LensesPitfall TrapLightingMacro BellowsChemicalsLensesEmpty LensComponon 28Macro DiffusersEquipmentPentax-M 200mmTopaz DetailCoupled Reverse LensesAnybrand MP-E 65PTTL CordsVelbon StageObjectivesManual FlashMacro CalendarTTLTwo FliesComponon 80Night MacroCloseup LensesPC SyncExtreme Macro BackgroundsFlash BracketsFlash ClampsLab LifterFirefly SlaveAnglesDownloadsComponon 35Barn DoorsInsectsHDMI Matrix SplitterFlash ReflectorsSweep NetSide MacroRim LightingM42 IrisMacro TipsJML 21mmPentax-M 100mm f/2.8Insect BaitFlash GridsLearning To LookThree Quarter ViewFlash GelsMacro DetailMacro Software TipsLinksMacro MonopodExif PilotHeadon MacroMacro LensesTamron 70-200Noise NinjaMacro simplicityFlash FlagsSnootMacro HDRSide LightingBeauty DishChilling ChamberRelaxing Insects