macro robberfly

A macro robberfly, a popular insect with extreme macro photographers.

macro fly

An unusual macro photograph of two greenbottle flies shot together.

macro hoverfly

Focus stacked macro image of a hoverfly, using a portrait-like 3/4 view.

macro moth

A macro shot of a very micro moth, complete with extraordinary punkster hairstyle.

extreme macro

The magnificent golden mane of a queen bumblebee.

extreme macro

An extreme macro focus stack of a Sawfly, the bane of the nation's gardeners.

An extreme macro gallery restricted to macro shots of insects at present, but will cover other extreme macro subjects in due course. All images here are by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel, © 2009-2022.

Thank you

- Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

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Article: Macro Gallery
Terry Turner says...
I have just found your site and it is without doubt the most informative and inspiring site that I have discovered on this subject. I am semi retired and love my photographic hobby. I wanted to learn about extreme macro and photomicrography. This has been a terrific start. Many thanks for all the work you have put into this site and the information that you have freely shared. Terrific - Terry Turner - Hampshire, UK
15th May 2015 10:52am
Carmen Mazzuca says...
I have to tell you how much I appreciate your website. Having retired I now have the time to devote to the hobby. Your site is a breath of fresh air that macro can be achieved by the common man...Using the various techniques you have published I have already seen marked improvement with just my old 40D and an old (but very pristine) Takumar 28mm (reversed). And the importance of your advice regarding note taking cannot be over emphasized.

Thanks so much for sharing this valuable knowledge.

Carmen Mazzuca
12th December 2014 3:51pm
Johan says...
Ahhhhh - I love comments like this, they make it all worthwhile. Great to hear, glad to help =)
12th December 2014 11:21pm
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